Let me explain...

I am off visiting the wonderful city of Portland, OR. I’ve found that design and photography make use of the same pool of creative energy (at least for me). And this is not the cuddly zen kind of energy that people talk about when they wax poetic about channeling your chakras or whatever. This is the kind of energy that builds up in frustrating ways when not put to good use. It’s the kind of energy that demands to be used. My inner maker requires penance, and I would be a fool to deny him.

So while I am away from the day job, I’ll be focusing a bit more on the other outlets I have available to me.

And in case you were curious

All of the photo’s I’ve posted in the past couple of days were taken with my iPhone. I’ve been shooting with my “real” camera too, but I am laptop free for this vacation, and won’t have the processed images until some time after I get back home. I really enjoy shooting with my iPhone. It’s another fun break from my standard methods of making stuff, and it’s already had some interesting results.